Carved boulder at start of trail at East Chevin Quarry

Laminites at Marker Stone 1

East Chevin Quarry faces

Pebbles in Addingham Edge Grit at Marker Stone 2

Geology Trail Audio Guide


Available below are 11 .mp3 files that make up the Chevin Forest Park Geology Trail:


01: Introduction



02: The Moon And The Tides



03: Otley In Carboniferous Times



04: Wharfedale And Glaciation



05: Follow The Vacca Wall



06: Great Dib Landslip



07: Fossil Branches On A Rock



08: Mossy Crags



09: A Very Small Coal Seam



10: Variscan Orogeny



11: Surprise View



You can also download the audio trail as one 29 minute .mp3 here: Chevin Forest Geology Audio Trail



The leaflet is available to download here:

Part 1                                           Part 2