Heritage Audio Trail


Available below are 11 .mp3 files that make up the Chevin Forest Park Heritage Time Trail:


01: Introduction



02: Sculpture 1



03: Sculpture 2



04: Sculpture 3



05: Sculpture 4



06: Sculpture 5



07: Sculpture 6



08: Sculpture 7



09: Sculpture 8



10: Sculpture 9



11: Walk Back To The Start



We would like to express our special thanks to local TV professionals Roger Greenwood and Ruth Pitt for providing the narration.

A big thank you to everyone else who features in the audio trail including (in order of appearance): Chris Tomkins as Sir Malcom Stoddart-Scott, Shane Green, Mick Johnson, David Lees as the voice of the Leeds Mercury advert, Keith Rawling and Richard Marsh as Major LeGender G. W. Horton-Fawkes.  We would also like to thank Richard Marsh for writing the majority of the script and Chris Tomkins for recording and editing the audio.

Everybody involved in the audio trail provided their time free of charge for the benefit of the community and as such, we hope you enjoy listening to it.