Orienteering 1

Orienteering 2

Orienteering & Geocaching

A local orienteering group called The Airienteers have set up 2 orienteering courses on the Danefield part of The Chevin (accessed from Shawfield car parks). One route is shorter and designed for less experienced orienteers. The idea is to use a map and basic clues to find wooden posts with a letter and number on them.


This activity started in America and requires access to the internet to register and then identify hidden boxes with "treasure" in them. There are at least 7 geocaches on The Chevin and also a multi-cache! The idea is to take an interesting item to place in the hidden box and take one out as a reward. A GPS device is useful but not essential for most geocaches.

It is a fun way to explore the outdoors and learn how to map read and follow directions. Find out more at www.geocache.com