Phone app for orienteering course on Chevin

Local orienteering club Airienteers have updated the Map for the established Permanent Orienteering Course on the Danefield area of the Chevin. The new map and further information is in our Maps and Download section. The 25 markers on the estate allow for a variety of courses suitable for absolute beginners and juniors to experienced orienteers.

The club has also enabled the course for MapRun, a GPS-based smart phone app developed by Orienteering Australia.  Airienteers have started using the app intensively during lockdown as it means individuals can undertake courses without on ground infrastructure. The app provides a copy of the map on your smart phone and beeps when you arrive at the correct destination. It times and tracks your route.

While everything can be done on the smart phone Airienteers recommend that the best experience is by taking a copy of the paper map and safely stowing your phone but switch on the app to record and register at the control points. Given the seasonal undergrowth the audible acknowledgement of you arriving at the control site is often a lot easier than looking for some of the discrete markers .

Details of Map Run, how to use it and how to download the course file are on the Airienteers website at In addition to Danefield, Airienteers also have urban courses available locally in Bramhope, Burley in Wharfedale, Menston and Cookridge. Well worth investigating if you want a run or walk with a difference.