Dog Controls Consultation

In 2018 a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) was revised and introduced a number of significant changes to dog controls in Leeds, including excluding dogs from all tennis courts and multi-use games areas (MUGAS) and  introducing some additional dogs on leads at all times areas (including the area around Golden Acre park lake; Middleton bike park; Roundhay and Temple Newsam golf courses and some additional ornamental gardens). It also included some changes to city wide requirements including the requirement to carry a means to pick up faeces (poo bags) and clarification around the number of dogs that could be walked  by professional dog walkers.  The prohibition of smoking in children’s play areas also became part of the PSPO


It is now time to review the order both in terms of the existing requirements and any proposed additions.  It is proposed that there will be very few amendments introduced as part of this review, with the only additions being a small number of new children’s play areas and the area immediately surrounding the lake and visitors centre at Middleton park.


As a number of the requirements apply to parks, they would really appreciate some input and feedback on the proposals from Leeds Parks & Green Spaces Forum members – would you be interested in responding on our behalf?

Please complete a simple online survey here:-

If you would like to send written representations from your group in relation to the consultation (please see the information on the online survey).

The Leeds Found Dogs Facebook page has a post about the consultation and can be shared or copied if required:-