Thanks to many volunteers we have started to research the history of The Chevin and develop this website to share the many stories that the land holds close to its wooded slopes.

You can find out some of this historical information from the following pages. It’s work in progress!

  • Chevin Through Time
    A chronological summary of information shedding light on who was doing what and when. Once completed, these pages will give a summary of what was taking place on The Chevin in the past. The journey starts millions of years ago with the Variscan Orogeny which gave The Chevin its famous steep slope, and follows the discovery of flint knives, scrapers and arrowheads that show evidence of the first humans passing through the area, before settling on its wooded slopes during the Iron Age. Since then there has been a history of people of taking valuable resources from The Chevin right up to modern day.
  • Places
    A more detailed look at interesting places such as The White House and Jenny’s Cottage, and more information on activities such as quarrying, transport routes and forestry
  • Press Cuttings
    Have a read of some interesting press cuttings
  • Chevin Tales
    Read or listen to local people telling their stories of life on The Chevin