Biodiversity features

An ecological consultancy was commissioned by the Parks & Countryside service in 1994 to carry out a National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey and this provides a good base-line on which to identify the most important habitats and plant species present (a copy of the NVC map is kept in The White House). Some additional species information (birds, fungi, lichens and plants) is also available from volunteer recorders via the West Yorkshire Ecology Service, and information on some grassland areas is available from site visits from DEFRA conservation officers carried out as part of their internal botanical training programme (species lists kept at The White House).

(from Chevin Forest Park Local Nature Reserve Management Plan 2016-2026)

Please contact us if you wish to view these documents as The White House is not open to the public.

Additionally we are now collating identifications and records from members of the public – please contact us if you would like to contribute to our work.

Main habitats on The Chevin: