Horse Riding

A good network of bridleways (paths suitable for bikes, horses and walkers) has been provided on what is known locally as the Danefield side of The Chevin – east of East Chevin Road, accessed from the Shawfield car parks. A total of 6.5km of bridleways offer some wonderful circular routes – see map.

Please be mindful that a lot of work goes into providing and maintaining a good bridleway network. Cycling or horse-riding on other paths leads to path erosion and encourages more people to follow your routes – and gives all cyclists and horse-riders a bad name.

Horse-riders are allowed on the Danefield side and a specific section of path, known as The Gallops is available only for horse-riders. Horse-riders are not allowed on the White House side mainly because the paths are narrower and the terrain is more steeply-sloping.



The bridleways on the Danefield side offer a good network of paths for cyclists.  As with horse-riders, cyclists are not allowed on the White House side.