Plants of Special Conservation Value

  • Killarney Fern – Recorded in 2006 in its gametophyte form and only known from a few places in the whole of Yorkshire. It is nationally rare, legally protected and is a Red Data Book species
  • Hybrid Water x Field Horsetail-Recorded in 2006 immediately west of The White House along a wet spring-line
  • Lemon-scented Fern -Recorded in 2006
  • Scaly Male Fern  – Recorded in 2006
  • Moonwort – Recorded in 2004 in a grassland area by staff from Defra anddoes not occur anywhere else in Leeds
  • Deer-grass – Occurs at only one other location in Leeds
  • Bog Asphodel – Occurs at only one other location in Leeds
  • Green-ribbed Sedge – Limited distribution in Leeds
  • Common Cow-wheat – Limited distribution in Leeds
  • Lady Fern – Limited distribution in Leeds
  • Cross-leaved Heath Limited distribution in Leeds
  • Common Cottongrass – Limited distribution in Leeds
  • Sphagnum sp. – Limited distribution in Leeds
  • Crowberry – Limited distribution in Leeds

Records of where some of these plants occur are kept at The White House. Please ask if you wish to see these as The White House is not open to the public.

Please submit your sightings via email:

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